Learning to pee in a diaper

by Mirandi79 | Feb 11, 2010 01:00 PM


This thread name may seem a bit strange but I am having a problem. My frequent urination due to overactive bladder is really taking a toll on my quality of life. I need to use the bathroom at least every 30 minutes, sometimes more often. I have spoken to my doctor and we have tried various pills, but nothing is working. I am considering surgical options but now is just not a good time for surgery. I have decided to try to see if I can improve my quality of life using adult diapers, when I void the amount of liquid is not too much, but the urge comes on suddenly and it is very uncomfortable. I am hoping I can use diapers and change them at regular intervals of 2 hours or so. I wanted to try and have a practice run at home this weekend, before trying them out in public or at work, but I ran into trouble. No matter how badly I had to pee or how much pain I was in, I couldn't bring myself to use the diaper. My muscles just wouldn't let go. I really want to try this solution though at least as a temporary measure. Any suggestions would be appriciated.

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    atitagain2/11/2010 4:04:00 PM

    It is best to pee in your diaper standing up it works
    best that way for me

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    RMS2/12/2010 12:54:00 AM

    Hi, Mirandi. You're going to have to overcome a lifetime of conditioning that says you should never wet your clothes, and only pee in a toilet. I understand your problem because I have chronic prostatitis. Like you, I do have bladder control, but there are times when life without diapers would be absolutley maddening and unlivable.

    The best way to solve your problem is to start while sitting on--you guessed it--a toilet. Knowing that it's safe and that you're in the right place will allow your muscles to relax and let go. Do this a few times and you'll get the hang of it so that you can pee just about anywhere, anytime. Although I still can't pee while driving or walking. No matter what.


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    Guest2/14/2010 10:57:00 AM

    The other things that I might reccomend is that you wear your diaper to bed and when you get up in the morning before you sit on the toilet turn on the water in the sink, that always gets me going. The other time I always go is when I hear the gas being pumped into the car. good luck

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    Guest2/16/2010 9:58:00 AM

    Any results yet? Did any of our suggestions help? Good luck...

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    mparz12/22/2010 5:34:00 PM

    i usaly pee standing the flow is better

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    mikepeed10/30/2014 3:07:00 AM

    try going into bathroom ive learned to wet as needed with lil trouble since i sat on toilet diapered we are trained to pee there so once break that feeling its easy. i can nowtalk walk as i wet i get about 30 second warning an need run so i just release it an continue on good luck

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    Peel off some pounds

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