Free Samples of Adult Diapers

by DiaperTammy | May 23, 2010 08:00 PM

Let's post where we can get free samples to try different brands:
Here are some that I've found that are completely free, I posted this on the women's section as well:

Just found this...

Active Diaper:



Let's keep posting all the other free samples we can find out there.

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    draco_americanus5/30/2010 5:33:00 PM

    the active diaper is worth getting, the velcro like landing area for the tapes works well and the rest is a soft plastic so no chaffing or wet feeling like a full cloth like can have. They wick fast and hold a lot so it worked well for over night use. They are a bit think but most good diapers are. i would not wish to use them when at work because of that but they are better then Attends extended wear when it comes to fit and comfort

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    A 24/7 MAN6/1/2010 3:44:00 PM

    I also received my free sample from Active , They are a great overnight diaper and the work great send for your sample I think you too will like them...

  • Lorem

    JimJim6/12/2010 11:24:00 AM

    I just ordered my sample diapers from Active today. Will let you guys know how they are after I try them for a couple of nights.

  • Lorem

    CARLG6/12/2010 6:32:00 PM

    I got this Active diaper and its the best diaper i have ever seen I will be using this diaper all the time now

  • Lorem

    34 and in diapers part time6/25/2010 1:42:00 PM

    active diapers are the best diaper out there to date

  • Lorem

    JimJim6/25/2010 2:28:00 PM

    I tried the Action diapers (thanks for the sample web page) and for me they are hard to secure on. I have a tough time securing the tabs. It is a nice diaper once on and held liquid through the night with no leaks. For me, I find the pull ups (Tranqulity ATN) to be easier. I have been using them for more than two years and have had only a couple of leaks. I also use a bed pad for when that happens. I guess everyone has their own preferences. Sometimes it's good to experiment. Thanks again for the site.

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    skittles6/25/2010 4:47:00 PM

    I have read posts out there before about embarrassing accidents here are a few of mine, the most recent was yesterday when I went out to eat lunch at Chedders it is hot out side and it makes you thirsty while I was there I consumed 3 large DR Pepper's and I was on my scooter and all that bouncing on the road caused me to soak the Diaper with Booster Pad that I was wearing on the way home, another time my DR. had me on a 100 mg. lasix water pill,and living in Pierce City and driving to Springfield every day to go to College one day the meds kicked in I exited to the nearest Caseys and things would have been fine except I had to wait in line and all I had used that day was a Guard I soaked it. I had more in the Truck to change lucky me, and one time I got stuck on Interstate because of a big wreck once again I was using a Guard. I guess these things happen.

  • Lorem

    draco_americanus6/25/2010 6:16:00 PM

    Last i checked Tranquilty ATN are not pull up diapers, I wear them from time to time and mine are tape on. My biggest gripe about pull on diapers is you need to get undressed to change them. At home that is not a big problem but in public and at work that is out of the question.

  • Lorem

    JimJim6/26/2010 4:23:00 AM

    Sorry for the miss read. I wear DISPOABLE underwear item/model 2116. I too have a problem when in public knowing that I have to take my pants off to change. I guess that is the trade off to wearing diapers with tape tabs. During the day I usually make it to a bathroom in time. Therefor I can wear one pull up the whole day at work and (most of the time) come home to a dry pull up. My problem is more to night time when sleeping.

  • Lorem

    independent6/26/2010 5:09:00 AM

    i also whare pull ups because i have a tight arm and i'm not sure if i can put a brief on by myself.
    depends is the only brand that i've been useing because my accidents arn't totaly out of control yet.
    i've been dealing with smAll accidents for over a year now and i've had some big active ones so i'm trying to test some different brands such as tranquility and x plus these i've found to protect better against leaks specily when i sleep.
    does anyone have exsperience on these brands?
    i'm trying to decide if i should try depends pull ups with plastic pants,

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