10 Questions to Ask the Doctor about Prostate Cancer

Every three minutes a man in this country finds out he has prostate cancer. The good news is that early detection (a result of screening!) comes with an almost 100% survival rate.

Depend® brand has teamed up with ZERO, the project to end prostate cancer, to help get the word out about prostate health. ZERO puts the focus on PREVENTION, DETECTION and EMPOWERMENT.

If someone you care for has been touched by prostate cancer, do all you can to be an empowered patient advocate for him. Since it's not always easy to remember everything you want to ask during a doctor's appointment, ZERO has compiled helpful lists like this one to make it easier to get the details about the diagnosis and treatment options.

Here are just a few of the questions you'll want to ask the doctor:

1. What tests or procedures does he need to be properly diagnosed?

2. What is his clinical stage and grade?

3. Can we get a second opinion from a pathologist who specializes in prostate cancer?

4. What are his treatment options? What are the benefits, risks, and side effects of each?

5. What are his odds of success (prognosis) given his situation and options?

6. How does family and medical history affect his odds?

7. What do the statistics in the prognosis mean to him?

8. What are the chances of recurrence with his treatment options?

9. How important is his age or lifestyle in making treatment decisions?

10. What is watchful waiting? Is it an option for him?

Prostate cancer is usually slow growing, so unless your doctor tells you otherwise, take time to learn and consider your loved one's options. With awareness, prevention, and early detection, you can put every advantage in the fight against prostate cancer on your side!

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4/12/11 5:10 PM

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