Maintain a Healthy Self-Confidence

Life has a way of challenging us. Just when we’re feeling quite sure of ourselves, it throws us a curveball to briefly bust our self-confidence bubble.

Boost it up again and stay on top of your game with these top tips.

Make a list. No doubt you’ve done a lot in your lifetime so far. Write down all your accomplishments, big and small. Keep your list handy, read it regularly, and refer to it any time you feel unsure or apprehensive. Your list will remind you of your many strengths and capabilities, ultimately fueling your confidence level.

Learn a new skill. One of the fastest ways to increase your self-confidence is to gain new knowledge. Take a carpentry class or master a foreign language. Learn how to dance, sail, or fix your computer. In the process, you may discover talents you never knew you had—a real confidence booster to be sure!

Get involved in a worthwhile project. Volunteering your time and energies provides a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. Consider becoming a mentor and share your expertise and experience to help someone achieve his or her goals. Offer your business capabilities to a local nonprofit organization. All are great ways to validate your capabilities.

Attempt something outside your comfort zone. Do something you never thought you would do. It could be as daunting as taking a hot-air balloon ride or finally earning a motorcycle license. Or as easy as eating a new food you can’t pronounce. By pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory you’ll build up your inner confidence.

Never compare your life to others’ lives. As the saying goes, “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” It’s okay to be inspired by others’ achievements but there’s no point in comparing your abilities and successes with those of other people. Remind yourself of your uniqueness and channel your energies into cultivating the life you alone were meant to live.

Be Prepared and Proactive. It’s easier to manage those curveballs when you’re one step ahead of the game. When things like bladder leaks enter the picture, do your homework on the products and strategies that will help you manage right on through.

Build It, Boost It, Bring ItThe bottom line: Do things that make you feel good about yourself and watch your self-confidence soar!

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Be Your Own Cheerleader:
Reward Yourself for those victorys no matter how small , You've earned them.
Life is like a Stockcar Race:
No matter how many times you go around the track you must stop in the pits for fuel and changes to continue on. Without fuel and changes you will end up stuck on the track and no way to continue.
By making the needed pit stops you will succeed in the endeaver to finish the daily "race" and enjoy the thrills in Victory Lane.
Get Back In The Race With Depend

6/8/11 2:55 PM

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