Men’s Product Guide: Finding the Right Absorbent Product

Experiencing bladder leakage may be new territory for you, yet it’s good to remember that millions of men have urinary incontinence or milder forms of bladder weakness.

Whether you have occasional leaks or frequent, heavy nighttime incontinence, wearing the right protection is important. Fortunately, there are reliable options that have you covered no matter your leakage incidents.

But which product is right for you? Three levels of questions can help determine your best solution.

What level of protection do you need? The frequency and severity of your leakage might help you determine the product form that best meets your needs. If your leakage is light to moderate, you might want to consider Depend® Guards for Men. If it’s heaver, consider Depend® for Men Underwear or other suitable choices.

What activity level reflects your lifestyle? Love golf? Enjoy running? Keen on tennis? If you’re an active man, you want a product that will protect you during any fitness activity. Additionally, men on the go should choose a product that’s both easy to carry and easy to change. Wearing a product designed to look and fit just like underwear can also be a desirable option for active lifestyles.

What fit will provide the best comfort level? Men and women have different needs so choose a product made specifically for your male body. Gender-specific products also come in a variety of sizes to further assure the right fit and comfort.

Style and Protection Just For You Depend® makes a variety of absorbent products and styles all designed with cloth-like outer covers that look and feel like underwear so you can maintain discretion. All are latex-free and contain no lotions or fragrances.

All Depend® Brand products also offer reliable absorbency. Inside, there’s a thin, absorbent pad made of super absorbent polymers that draws wetness in and away from the skin. This patented Absorb Loc® Core absorbs liquids and helps keep you dry.

In all, Depend® offers five styles – three made just for men.

To help you find the best product for you and your needs, get a customized recommendation with our online product finder.

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I am a size 37 waist. The S/M is too small and a L/X is too big

5/25/12 4:21 AM

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