Why Not? The Benefits of Trying New Things

Think about your favorite pastime. Chances are you didn’t know you enjoyed it until the first time you tried it. In fact, entire career paths have been created by those who’ve tried something new only to discover their newfound passions.

Opening ourselves up to new things or new ways of thinking can often be intimidating. That’s mostly because we’re treading into unfamiliar territory, which in turn makes us anxious. But when you make it a habit to frequently try new things, you’ll reap some very satisfying benefits.

• Confidence-Builder. The more new things you try, the more self-confident you become. Get in the practice of trying things you never thought you would. It can be as simple as eating a new food you can’t pronounce or as daring as zip-lining across a canyon. Just like exercise, when you regularly test your limits, you build up your confidence “muscles.”

• Courage-Booster. When trying something entirely outside your comfort zone, you may have to work up the nerve first. Mustering up the courage to act is a practice that, when repeated, can deepen your courage “well” across other aspects of your life.

• Boredom-Buster. Do you eat at the same restaurants or take the same daily commute? Doing the same things day in and day out can lead to boredom. You may not even realize you’re stuck in a rut until that one day you try a new diner or take a different route to work and feel that small sense of wonder, surprise, and self-satisfaction. Remember, you’ll never risk boredom if you continually challenge yourself to try new things.

• Growth-Promoter. In every person there is a strong impulse to grow. Trying new things satisfies that impulse. We first grow by adopting a new mindset in preparation for a new experience. Having had the experience, our mindsets are again altered. Facing any new situation is always a gratifying growth opportunity.

• Brain-Strengthener. Trying and learning new things stimulates your brain and challenges it to create new pathways. When you experience something new, you give your brain a chance to exercise on a whole new level.

Why not try something new today?

Here’s something new to try…The Great American Try-On! Ask for a free sample of Depend® Real Fit for Men Briefs and try it for yourself.

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I am a 75 year old man. I have been incontinent for over 10 years now, due to prostate cancer and radiation treatments. This month I purchased some Real Fit Men Briefs. I was well pleased. My wife and I just got back from a trip to Rome, Long plane rides and air port terminals. Rome we walked all over St. Peters square and about 8 other churches in Rome and Florence. Wonderful trip thanks to Real Fit for Men
and and very understanding wife... Great trip! Thanks Depends.

1/29/13 2:34 PM

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