The right fit and advice for women

Life is best lived focusing on your loved ones and your interests, so we’re making it simple to find the best products for your lifestyle and be prepared for anything. Watch this video for suggestions and solutions about making the most of each day.

You’ll learn about:
  • Product differences
  • Finding the right fit
  • Preparing for activities
  • Ways to manage incontinence

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I'm on Social Assistance and need help please send a Trial or sample of Depends a small/medium
adjustable would be good.

8/13/11 6:23 AM



I love depends....due to a surgery goof I have been incontinent for more then 20 years. I was very disappointed when you stopped making depends with the elastic straps. The new panties are not as absorbant as they were so have to change more often. I now put a Poise inside of the depands panties when I have to go out and it will be more then a couple of hours.

11/12/11 3:56 AM



My sister weighs 110 pounds. The s/m are just too large for her and leak around the legs. Now what can she do for this?????????

11/15/11 10:56 AM



A nice and informative video. Thanks!

11/16/11 5:33 AM



GREAT video. You talk about the issue in a non-judgemental, relaxed and rather fun atmosphere. I am intrigued about your products for the special women in my life.

12/15/12 3:54 AM

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