Depend® Protection with Tabs

This absorbent brief features maximum absorbency and six adhesive tabs for easy changes while sitting, lying down, or standing.

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Average Rating: 3.2/5

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

3.2/5 | 501 Reviews

Best real diapers!

Really like the 3 tabs per side, and plastic backing. Gives me confidence in my protection. Wish the

Posted By: Depend User


The absolute worst diaper

This has to be the worst adult diaper/brief on the planet!!!! For the price I paid which was around

Posted By: Jonathan


Terrific Diaper for Trave

I just turned 30 (male) so I'm a relatively young user, and recently the issue has been increasing f

Posted By: YoungOfficeMan


Great diapers

This diaper is very comfortable and discreet. The last plastic backed brief still available...very c

Posted By: Janet85



Bulky! Plastic! Loud! Very uncomfortable! Disappointed you replaced the adjustable depend with this!

Posted By: Ticked off


Not good

These are too much plastic which makes them very cumbersome. Cannot get a good fit. The original are

Posted By: Mary91452


Don't even one start

is terrible I dont understand when something is owesome why changed. The adjustable underwater with

Posted By: vylin


Hate the redesign

I need these but this new design is so bulky & there's so much plastic all over the place. The old a

Posted By: lonnajo


Worst diapers ever

I bought these diapers for my non verbal autistic son he's 15 years old. The inside of the diaper br

Posted By: Depend User


not so good

Yes they were comfortable and that was about it.I stopped using them after they were changed in the

Posted By: John

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