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Does anyone know how to prevent leaks from my protection?

I normally don't have a problem with this during the day it usually happens when I'm sleeping. But today I was at a target store with my uncle and aunt because we were going to a birthday party and they wanted to get a gift. I was dry the whole time there but the lines were pretty long to pay. I like to stand on the front of the cart when someone is pushing it I don't know why but it's probably because I get bored and I don't catch myself doing it. But after we paid I got off the front and notice my pants were wet on my legs kinda between my thigh only on one side though not both legs. I'm not sure if I didn't put my protection on right because I was kinda rushed when I was getting dressed. But my diaper doesn't normally leak i really need help because I don't want this to happen to me again especially when I'm at school luckily I was with my aunt and uncle because they seen that I was embarrassed and I was really frustrated so they helped me through it. Did I do something wrong
by   Mikey16  |   May 27 2012 10:57 AM   Likes (2)
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