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legality of going out side in a diaper?

Question, I sometimes smoke small cigars out side at night, I live in a small mobile home park that hass poor lighting so i usaly go to just my patio as i am, shirt and a diaper, but have been wondering if there would be a legal risks to this? I have had cop cars drive by and do nothing and personaly sont see any problems since "thouse" parts are fully covered, i am just ssihhing in a chair and enjoying the shound of the tree frogs and crickets while i ccan before it gets cold. but i have been wondering is this is legal or not? My nighbors know i wear diapers and have never gotten any complaints or even coments. I live by my self and this is just the way i dress. I have sseen peaople dress worse at the beach if you know what i mean. Just wondering if anyone has any feed back on this? personly I dont see the differance between this or spandex bathing suits or boxer shorts that i see a lot of here. Just trying to get info from how others feel? \nThanks
by   draco_americanus  |   Aug 31 2011 07:32 PM   Likes (1)
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