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I've found this site to be very helpful. I'm 32 and doubly incontinent, but I don't let that stop me from having a great life thanks to my protection. I LOVE clothes, especially cute little dresses, skirts and suits. I eat healthy and exercise a lot and like to show off my cute figure. I work in a law office and need to dress up every day and as others have noted I find that pantyhose or tights help hide any diaper noise and give me a nice smooth line. I've found that the better brands like Hanes are very comfy and look very nice (especially someone with pasty legs like mine!)\n\nAnyway, my husband (who is out of work) complained recently as he took two huge bags full of my diapers to the dump that this has to be costing us a fortune. I do change very frequently, and sometimes I don't even "use" them before I toss them if I'm in them before a shower etc.\n\nI was once at my sister's house and in a pinch had to put on one of her daughter's Pampers (just tucked it in my pantyhose top) because I ran out of diapers while watching her.\n\nSo a few weeks ago I bought a package of Huggies (biggest I could find) and now what I've been doing is when I get up I change my wet diaper but tuck a Huggies into the old tights or hose I sleep in and wear that while I make coffee, get the paper, etc. for the 10-15 minutes before my shower. And after my shower I put one on with my pantyhose and work clothes while I do makeup etc and only put on my "real" diaper when I'm ready to leave for work. Even if I end up tossing two diapers unused into the trash a day I feel better about it than my more expensive real diapers. My husband is happier because we're saving some money. And last week I bought the new cute "Denim" diapers so this week when my husband took my diapers to the dump there were a bunch of blue diapers in the bag.\n\nThey work ok too, I've wet in several and had a big BM in one of the blue ones the other morning and no issues.\n\nSteph
by   StephanieC  |   Aug 20 2010 12:30 AM   Likes (0)
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