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airport security...the scan and the "pat down"

I was flying home from Florida and, like many others, I was scanned by that machine. They pulled me aside.\nI can't go without some form of bladder help and was wearing Depends men's pullups. Remembering the "underwear bomber", I was sure that this was the reason I was singled out. I was with friends who didn't know and I was very uneasy. A large female security worker asked me why I was so nervous. I just said that I was embarrassed (true).\nI had such a bad feeling and wanted to minimize the damage so when the "pat down guy" came to me I told him that I was wearing a "protective garment".\nHe looked confused so I had to explain that it was so I didn't wet my pants.\nHe got it then and the rest went smoothly.\nI left for the gate feeling somehow bad about myself but I am willing to accept this as a biproduct of security.\nDoes anyone have a better way of dealing with this?
by   Robert109  |   May 06 2011 04:20 AM   Likes (0)
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