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Botox Vs Interstim

Hello Depend Community,

I have been wearing diapers and other protection since 2007 I earned a war scar known as a neurogenic bladder which is a residual from my Tbi as well as kinetic hand tremors and PTSD and a whole lot of other anxiety disorders from an Ied (improvised explosive device) blast in Iraq. I have been going through the Veterans Affairs Urology clinic. they started me with oxybutynin which did not help at all as the dry mouth was counterproductive as I was drinking a lot of water and caffeine-free beverages which my body produced more urine for me to leak : I then went to oxybutynin extended release which I still had a bad case of dry mouth per my doctor he told me to eat sugar-free candies and prescribed me oral saliva, ( I then went to taking TROSPIUM which I had a severe allergic reaction. I am currently taking TOLTERODINE 2 MG TAB which has helped some but I still have daily accidents and wake up soaked. I was then referred to the geriatric incontinence clinic and I am only 33 :( I tried biofeedback to train my pelvic muscles which due to my nerve damage i can't feel when i am doing it correctly. my incontinence diagnosis comes in two parts which is phasic detrusor overactivity with terminal detrusor overactivity after I endured a painful and embarrassing Urodynamic Study I say embarrassing as there was a team of medical students observing my lack of bladder control after my last visit with the urology he recommended interstim or botox and he tried to pressure me to make a decision instantly which i told him i have to research both procedures. Sorry for the long embarrassing background history I think it is important to give the full story so i can get bias opinions of the pro's and con's of each procedure and if anybody has had a similar treatment history what kind of success you have had with both treatment options. I appreciate the help :)
by   verywetveteran  |   Oct 30 2015 01:24 AM   Likes (0)
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