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CAUGHT AT WORK IN MID DIAPER CHANGE has it happened to anyone else

I have an office in the basment of my building and a door with a lock and no window.\nI change in my office all the time, no one had ever come in without knocking before.\nI had just pulled off my wet diaper and droped it on the floor and was drying and i hear a key in the door.\nI was only able to get my pants pulled up not zipped or buttened and no diaper on and the door FLUNG OPEN.\nIt was my BOSS comming in to look for some tape to seal up a leaky pipe (ironic).\nI kicked the full diaper under my desk and sat in my chair with my armes acros the front of my pants.\nHe came in looked at the diaper on the floor and asked me for some tape then went on his way, never said a thing.\nI do notice him looking at my underwear area in the front and back to see if he can see the diaper but never said a thing.\nI still have dreams about that and that was the most embarrased i have ever been in my entire life.
by   clean1  |   Feb 03 2011 11:29 AM   Likes (0)
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