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Charting Your Moods

Keeping records of what we eat, what we drink, how we feel and even changes in the level of our incontinence can be an extremely helpful tool in understanding the factors that affect us. "Mood swings can happen often to anyone throughout any given day. Events and circumstances, encounters with other people, stress levels, medications, even the foods we eat all play a role in how we feel. And how we feel affects our work, family and social lives." --[url http://depend.com/Pages/ArticlesDiscussion/ArticlesDiscussionDetail.aspx?discId=14000049347&cat=Article&type=A&page=0&index=0&categoryId=14000070756] In Tune With Your Moods[/url]

Do you keep track of your foods, moods and health? It takes a bit of effort, but usually worth it in the end.

by   JaneF  |   Mar 14 2011 03:26 AM   Likes (0)
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