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Depends fitted Briefs back in plastic!

The topic says it all Depends are slowly going back to the plastic backing outer cover. I can't express how happy I am with this change, I had to abandoned all of the depends products, there 4 tape preside design would not even last a 4 hour work shift with out sliding down, felling wet and just a very uncomfortable experience, products of this type need to be plastic for many reasons, sliding down and having pee wick around the leg gathers being a huge problem, I had stopped using them because they would also give me a rash. I heard a rumor that they are reverting back to a plastic back and go back to the pre 2016 version, having found the new versions I noted the tapes are white and not clear but work exactly the same.
So they have me back as a customer as they now have something I can use during the day/night and I never thought I could get exited about a diaper but this would be an exemption, I am so happy they now have a product again that I can use during the day with out falling apart or sliding down when I do go and use the so in e bathroom, they have a slightly different plastic that is quiet even in a office environment.
so to end I have to say Thank You! Thank You Thank You!!!!!
by   DracoAmericanus  |   Apr 04 2017 01:02 PM   Likes (2)
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