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Diaper Sizes and style

Hi, I was wondering why do Depends and others make S/M and L/XL sizes? I wear the Depends Men's underwear diapers and just wish it would fit a little more tighter I can only imagine what a man who needs to wear the small size is feeling.\n\nI wish Depends can make a Medium size that looks like a men's brief style underwear. And colors like black and possible a black and red combo. You should really take a look at men's fashion briefs and get a sample. \n\nI really don't get why we have the large waist band the expands over my stomach. I usually have to fold it down just to make sure if my shirt get's un-tucked I can still have the diaper hiding. \n\nAs for the sagging of the diaper when wet have you (depends) ever thought of a draw string to tighten the leg openings ?\n\nMaybe I am alone but I would be willing to pay a little more for a tighter and more real men's brief/bikini underwear like. I am a younger guy that needs to wear these while at work and I am lucky my gf supports me, but would be really happy to have some protection with style. \n\nThank You
by   TransportationMan  |   Jun 04 2011 03:08 AM   Likes (0)
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