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Diapers at the chiropractor

I have been seeing a chiropractor for about four years now and have been seeing the massage therapist at her office for about 2 years. My incontinence predates being in their care by quite some time but has never come up with either one as up until the last 6 months or so I had been able to go between 1 and 2 hours without an accident. As such I have never worn a diaper to their office. Unfortunately, my incontinence has progressed lately and I have had accidents after as little as 45 minutes, fortunately all but one of these have been in a diaper. After having a very close call, literally running to the bathroom as I started to leak after my last visit I decided that it is not safe to go their without wearing a diaper.\n\nThat being said, yesterday was my first diapered visit. I did not discuss my status with the chiropractor as her treatment area is only semi private and conversations could easily be heard by other. I am not sure if she noticed or not because I had a fairly heavy pair of jeans on, but while she was adjusting my hips her hands were fully on the diapered portion of my rear.\n\nThe massage on the other hand was somewhat of a different story. Obviously I had to undress to just my diaper and boxers for the massage so there was no way that she would not notice it. When she came into the room after giving me time to undress and lay on the table I told her that we needed to discuss something. I came right out and told her that I have experienced incontinence for quite some time but that it had recently progressed to the point where I felt that it was best that I wear a diaper during our sessions. Suprisingly she took it without too much shock and asked a few questions regarding treatment that I had received etc. I'm sure I was insanely tense as I had been very worked up about bringing this up but all in all it went well. After the massage we discussed the challenges of incontinence and a diapered lifestyle a bit and I mentioned that the chiropractor didnt know yet and she offered to bring it up the next time she saw her so that was a bit of a bonus.\n\nJust felt like sharing this as something that I was very anxious about ended up turning out positively.
by   dustyboy12345  |   Feb 28 2011 02:34 PM   Likes (0)
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