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Diapers (Briefs) and Pullups (underwear)

I have a question, I have been incontinence since I was 11, at which I wore diapers, but at that age it was Luvs and pampers, but now Depends sometimes, and Molicare or Tena most of the time, But my question is ive noticed that all of these products are called briefs or underwear, Im not understanding why that is, Diapers are nothing to do with briefs, and pullups are not underwear, why is it people have such a hard time calling them what they are? Why is it a big deal saying diapers? ive never said briefs, when my doctor asks how many briefs I go through a week, I say I dont wear briefs, I wear diapers, I have no problem saying that either, but honestly if people cant handle a simple word, then what does that say? Diapers are Diapers, Pullups are Pullups!!
by   UnknownWiki  |   Oct 18 2016 03:43 AM   Likes (0)
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