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hiding facial and body expressions

I've had urge incontinence for many years but have only been wearing depends to deal with it for a couple of months. My wife got pretty angry with me leaving social situations to go to the bathroom every hour. One issue I have run into is a lot is people asking me if I am okay when the urge hits. I have overcome the urgent looking around the room for a bathroom syndrome but I am having a hard time suppressing the pain and panic expression on my face and body. As my wife tells me it is like watching a toddler doing the potty dance. I've been trying to just let go quicker after the urge hits but can't seem to do it. It is only after a couple of minutes of leg twitching and jaw clenching that my bladder spams into the depends. Anybody know how to tell my body it is okay to just go? Getting tired of telling people I have a tooth ache.\nAlso what do you do if you tried to go to the bathroom but didn't make it? I've been in the situation where I am just a foot or two from the door and it is too late. Do you still go in and pretend to go just so you don't arouse suspicion?
by   JohnBro  |   Oct 12 2012 10:28 AM   Likes (0)
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