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How Often Do You Have To Change?

I wear Depends Color Underwear... I have to travel a few days a week for about a 60mile trip. I have to go through places that do NOT have a bathrooms OR even Gas Stations. So, I was wondering for i leak sometimes a lot and have keep driving. I have been putting pads inside the depends then when I can get to a RR I can change. BUT the pads causes the linning inside to rip open at times, or the STICKY gets on the place that I need the most protection. i was afraid it might cause more problems with the glue. I am a afraid of spilling over unto to slacks or dress. Also making the car seat weat and smelly. That is a other issue if you wet does it smell. I drink lots of water & Cranberry Juices.\nHOPE TO GET SOME HELP...PLEASE\n\nPS: I also have tried the tap pair BUT I have a problem with my arms ( and am heavy in the hips & butt ) to try and fasten them and to fasten before putting on they are way too loose....
by   pendiz  |   Feb 28 2011 06:59 AM   Likes (0)
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