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Keeping underwear up.

I am a rather large person (about 270 lbs). I wear the depends large/extra large underwear. My problem: because of my body shape, my underwear tends to slip down after a while and winds up around my knees disconcerting to say the least. I have tried a number of solutions such as tape, pins, etc. None of them were satisfactory and some interfere with toilet actions.\nI discovered a solution. The Holdup Suspender Co. has a side clip smooth suspender that clips onto the underwear on the side and holds them up to my satisfaction. Yet, there is enough flexibility and stretch to not interfere with toilet action. I have no connection with the company other than trying their product.\n http://www.suspenders.com/undergarment-suspenders.htm\n\nI'd be interested hear about other solutions to the hold-up problem. Oh, for travelers they can also furnish clips that are airport security safe.
by   duzer  |   Feb 19 2010 05:29 AM   Likes (0)
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