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Letting go....

A few years ago my brother and I went to Walt Disney World for vacation. It was a little cold but we had beautiful sunshine. As we walked the park, we came across a girl selling mylar balloons and my brother bought me this huge Minnie Mouse one I had admired. He tied it to my wrist for me and for an hour or so Minnie bobbed along behind us on her ribbon while we took in all the sights and ate lunch. A while later I wet more than normal and knew I needed a change asap before something leaked on my tights or skirt. I untied Minnie but instead of having my brother hold my balloon I slowly let the ribbon slip through my fingers and we watched Minnie slowly fly up and away over the park. I ran in the restroom to change and when I got back you could still see my balloon but it was very small and then it was all gone.\n\nToday was a rough day and a tough week and its got to the point that my troubles and annoyances keep building up and building up which isn't healthy until an add on TV for Disney made me remember my balloon and think how nice it'd be to just let stress and problems go like I did with the balloon my brother bought me.\n\nSo that's what I intend to do - exercise away stress but also mentally picture my problems drifting away and leaving me relaxed and carefree. Maybe I'll even buy another big mylar balloon and set it free as a symbol.\n\nLisa
by   Depend Team  |   Apr 16 2011 12:45 PM   Likes (0)
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