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Loosing Bladder Control Can Be A GOOD Thing

Hello,\nI know there are many AB/DL "lurkers" here and that's ok.\nI have been a "DL" for years.\nThe reason why I write this is because I am now in my eary 40's, seeing a urologist and slowly loosing bladder control.\nMost of the time it's just leaks before of after going to the restroom.\nNow it has progressed to some bed wetting.\nI don't wish to have nocturnal enuresis, but I didn't want it as a child either.\nAs I get further in my 40's I have learned to "give in" to the rigidify that has controlled me from age 10 up till now and learned to RELAX emotionally as well as physically.\nRight now I wear the belted undergarments for moderate protection when I'm out all day.\nAt home, I don't wear anything usually, but I'm starting to more as my bladder relaxes when I sleep.\nI have gone back to plastic sheets and washing sheets every day.\nIt is in some ways comforting to know that even if I wet the bed, I am in charge.\nI feel more in control that whenever I can remember.\nIs this belief and /or feeling something I share with anyone else?\nTo be honest, I feel a bit like a "nut" for feeling this way.
by   rpw1967  |   Oct 08 2009 07:12 AM   Likes (0)
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