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losing control of your bladder while working out

hello Guys I'm new to this and I'm here for support to help me out with a Issue I have my Bladder control. i been having issues controlling my bladder since the early part of last year and this happens when i work out when i work out i loss control of my bladder and it requires me to use Depends or other brand of Adult diapers and I'm kinda of sometimes shy when it comes to adult Diapers, is it normal to lose control of your Bladder when working out cause when i work out that's the only time i lose control of my Bladder other then that most of the time i have control of my bladder its just when I'm working out i lose control of my bladder is putting too much fluid on the Bladder don't help and also how can i feel my better about myself knowing that i lost control of my bladder and i have to wear Adult diapers please help me out so i can help cope thru this thanks
by   Dannyphantomfan14  |   Feb 09 2017 04:49 AM   Likes (0)
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