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Mens' Realfit and Fitflex - curious about the difference in "fit"

I’m just wondering why the men’s real fits are more bulky than the fitflex?

First off, I love the fitflex's! I started using them almost immediately after having bladder issues, and I was elated to see that such an effective product can be so comfortable and discrete. I'm 42, very active with a 9 year old child and active wife, and I live my life 100% the same as before with these. I'm not trying to sound like an advertisement - just being honest.

That said, I thought I’d try the realfit's for going to the gym. They’re very good and do look a lot like regular underwear when they’re on - especially from the back - but I expected them to be thinner - certainly not thicker - than the fitflex given the “just like underwear” claim. Although the fitflex don’t look like regular underwear, I actually find they feel more like normal underwear than the realfits do.

Regardless,, both are great products and certainly make wearing absorbent underwear not a big deal. It's also nice to see that Depend has men in mind when creating these products. I wish I'd discovered them a year ago instead of being stubborn and tolerating wet underwear.

by   Hal6666  |   Nov 10 2016 06:41 PM   Likes (0)
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