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New Real Fit for Men

Hello everyone. I have been minorly incontinent since I was 5 years old due to a urinary tract surgery. I have been wet most of my life and started wearing products when i was around 16. I have worn Depends Male Guards for around 10 years along with pull ups and diapers depending on the day and my flow issues. I have been having issues with the Depend Male Guards recently and fitting my anatomy. I recently tried Tena Guards for Men and they have a V-shape that fits my testicles MUCH better. The Depend Mens Guards are the same width in the front as they do in the back. How does that makes sense? My testicles are not held in place and they also make the experiece much worse with the fit and all. I do think Depends Guards are a better product in thickness then Tena and the Tena fall apart and are WAY too thin. I know it is a tough fight finding the right product. My bladder has gotten worse over the years and I am more of a pull up guy now, pretty much against my will. I am sick of being wet and wearing a pad that won't stay in place no matter how hard I try. Years back the Depend Guard was longer and also had a little cup for your testicles. That made WAY more sense. I wrote Depend tonight to offer my thoughts on their products.\n\nI have been wearing pull ups for over a year now and the the new Real - Fit are WAY better an fit so much more snug. They make me feel more confident and I am thankful to Depend for coming out with these. I get frustrated when I see people saying they leak and are awful. They are a pull up people!!!! Not a diaper!!!! If you cannot control your bladder you DO NOT BELONG in a pull up. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest. =D\n\nSo these new Real Fit are a God-send and have changed my life. I need to wear these to work under my dress pants and I am CONVINCED everyone knows I am in Depends. I HATE when people walk behind me in the office and I feel like I am naked and wearing a diaper. I just feel like EVERYONE knows!!! How do I get over this??? Today I was with some co-workers and the word leakage came up and I thought everyone knew. Someone mentioned as they joked around they had leakage from their penis and were joking around, and then I got all paranoid and thinks everyone knows what is happening. Is anyone else feeling paranoid??? Can everyone tell at work I am wearing a pull up? Can they see it through my pants??? I can't stand it. Real Fit makese me confident but flipped out. I think I am so nervous.\n\nThanks,\n\nFireCat98
by   firecat98  |   May 17 2012 12:13 PM   Likes (0)
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