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Once Diapered Stay Diapered For Safety

If your sitting around your home airing out sitting on a bed pad / chair pad like I do that is A-OK. \nI did something non Earl like today and went out for short time unprotected which as you can guess was a bad move. Fortunately I just dampened my outerpants and quickly reached to my 911 backpack for the missing diaper I should have put on.\nWhen your in a hurry and all is rushed take a word from this post before your bladder begins to gush.\nP.S.\nThe heat in my garage didn't help matters as heat + no diaper = flood city\nlol\nAll The Best and now dry and safe again,\nEarl H.
by   EARL H  |   May 23 2011 11:39 AM   Likes (0)
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