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Places To Wear Without Worry

Remember aways back when where modesty was less and the "Ban The Bra" movement was still around?\nYes,\nThose were some interesting days which brings up todays topic:\nWhere if anywhere do folks wear just their protection and nothing else without worry of "peeping Tom's or Terri's" ?\n\nNot exactly a nude beach but for me a quiet camp fire in the great outdoors away from the pains of civilization for me is a reality a few times a year. Pure stress free weekends in comfort.\nI've never been one to flaunt anything so just being air cooled is the reward for the days out yonder.\n\nI have a Incon friend who sits in his backyard within the security of its 6 foot privacy fences when the quest for freedom as he calls it comes around.\n\nWith todays weather of sleet/rain showers I can't wait for the first 72 degree weekend to head for the woods.\n\nTo close this post on a more heartreaching note I dedicate this bit of smile to all the folks who are recovering from the deadly tornadoes down Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi and surrounding areas. May they all find comfort and shelter as well as any needed supplies from Depend and all of the subsidiary companys in this time of termoil and dispair.
by   EARL H  |   Apr 29 2011 09:35 AM   Likes (0)
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