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Roommates friend finds my diaper

So the other morning I woke up, my night diaper was soaked of course. I went up stairs and fixed a cup of coffee, returned to my room and woke up a little bit. After drinking the coffee, I felt I really needed to poop. I removed my soaking wet diaper and put it on my chair, so I could go back upstairs to use the toilet. I was going to dispose of it when I got back downstairs, but I needed to get to the toilet, quickly. Well my roommates friend came down into my room to say hi to my dogs. He saw my wet night diaper, laying in my chair, and I'm sure he told my roommates. I've not told my roommates about my problem.\nFor the last 30 years, this is something that I've been extremely ashamed of , and embarrassed by. I've always purchased my products secretly, and have gone through great lengths to avoid detection.\nHiding my diapers usually in my closet.\nNow they've been informed by the friend. Last night they made several comments kind of pertaining to to needing diapers/losing control of bladder/bowels, I think they're trying to break the ice with me to discuss it with them. It kinda makes me feel really uncomfortable, but I know I'm going to have to come clean with them, the sooner , the better. Honestly, I only use Depend brand when I can't afford premium diapers. I'm having a real hard time dealing with this incontinence, I'm even starting to have accidents during the daytime now. I started using Depend Guards, but often feel they may not be enough, I'm considering just wearing a diaper all the time, to manage the problem.
by   leakyguy76  |   Nov 06 2014 12:09 AM   Likes (5)
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