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Saggy when wet

The wetter my diaper gets the more it sags, sometimes leaving a gap around the bottom of the leg opening, which can leak. One way to fix the situation is changing before things get that far, but that's not always possible, and I'm also too thrifty (read "cheap") to throw out a half-used diaper. (I notice this mainly with pull-on style diapers) And even with my thicker tape-on ones I noticce that every time I bend over and then straighten up, my diaper inches down so that I have to eventually pull it up by the waistband. I was joking and suggested that maybe suspenders would solve the problem but my wife says I should get some "onesies" that snap under my crotch. Her idea makes a lot of sense but somehow I feel uncomfortable with it. Has anyone tried those?
by   househubby  |   Mar 10 2012 04:18 AM   Likes (0)
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