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I'm a bedwetter. I've been wetting several times a week for about a year now. So far I've run through depends maximum, a bought with store brand crap, and finally settled in to tena supers. The depends worked ok but the backing always tore on removal so if I didn't wet it would be a waste. The store brands leaked 50% of the time, and badly enough I usually had to change the sheets. The tena supers work most of the time. I often leak slightly (around the tapes) but not enough (usually a damp patch no larger than a silver dollar) to require the sheets be changed when it happens.\n\nHowever, I've come to the realization that it's with much anxiety and restlessness that I assure myself that I'm sleeping in a position conducive to the use of disposables (namely not on, or angled to, a side) and that if I'm over tired I'll end up sleeping "wrong" and sleep badly. As a result, I'm certain I'm not sleeping well, and haven't been for a year. I've tried Abena and Molicare samples, and they're great, but I can't afford them for daily use.\n\nNot to belabour the point any further, I'm considering switching to cloth at home, and premium disposables for travel. I spend part of this morning (after waking up too the tapes on one side of diaper failing) searching for products online and was shocked by the prices. Not even including the cost of detergent, laundry and drying; it would take me about a year just to break even if I bought a weeks worth of cloth diapers from most of the manufacturers I have seen.\n\nMy wife has a sewing machine and had offered to help me make some instead. I'm sure our best bet is too simply purchase a couple pairs of pull on plastic (or vinyl, or whatever) pants and just make the diapers with some Velcro tabs. I need to figure out what materials and how many layers we are going to need to make this work for me. I wanted advice in one of two forms. For those of you that wear cloth at night:\n\nA) What products (specifically) do you use, and from which companies. This would help me look up construction and layers for your favorite products.\n\nB) If you happen to know, how many layers, and of what materials are your cloth diapers made. Additionally, if any of you use daytime cloth diapers and add inserts at night I'd like to know the construction of both the main diaper and the insert.\n\nMy goal is it figure out how many layers, and what basic construction I'm going to need to get me through the night worry free. For reference my tena supers (size regular or large) are about at capacity on typical morning when I was wet overnight. Of course since I wake up leaks sometimes, I want to exceed that absorbency.\n\nThanks to anyone who took the time to read and reply, and I apologize for any typos, I composed this on my phone.
by   MSU Spartan  |   Nov 26 2012 10:01 AM   Likes (0)
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