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About a month ago I started to have to wear poise pads. First the smaller ones then as time went on the maximum protection pads. \n\nAbout a week ago I was shopping at the mall. I was on my period and so I was wearing a always overnight pad. I needed to change it because I was on hour 3 on my pad. As i walked to the restrooms in the mall I could feel my bladder fill and I started to walk faster and faster until I reached the bathroom. Ahhhh I was there just in time. As I went to open the door it was locked! I couldnt belive it! As I knocked and anwseres Ill be out in about 3 min. I knew it wasnt enough time before I was going to wet myself. I quickly went over my options and thought about going into the mens room. It was already too late I completly emptyed my bladder and the person walked out of the ladys room stall. I started to cry it was terible.\n\nI went to the clothes dept and put on a pair of trendy new white pants (didnt steal them I still paid for them) The only thing I forgot about was my pantys, and menstruale pad. As I got to the cashier to pay for my new pants I explained to the lady what had happened and she rang me up I left. On the hour ride home I again felt the urge to this time poop. As I pulled over to a rest stop I ran in and did my business. When I squated down all I could see was a bright red spot on my new 30$ pants. \n\nI knew I needed to see a doctor about my issue because this was not normal to have such urges. I went to the doctors (wearing a tena pad just in case) and they explained I had urge incon and Bowel incon. After many tests they told me I would soon loose all of my bladder and bowel control in the next 6 months. There is nothing I can do and so they sent me home with that my only option was to wear full on briefs. \n\nSo as I write this I sit in my soggy tena super breif and just wish I had control. Being single and 24 this is just too much for me to handle. what kindof guy will want me now that I cant control my pipes. \n\nWith all of the new trends I dont know how to handle wearing these tiny pencil skirts or leggings or yoga pants with these huge diapers!
by   NewWetterGirl  |   Jun 27 2012 06:43 AM   Likes (0)
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