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Update on Wife

It's been a while, but I wanted to give a quick update on my wife. Her bowel and bladder control have gotten worse (no longer uses toilet - she uses her diapers). The good news is her other symptoms have gotten much better, and she found a diaper she likes. The Depend adjustable underwear were a disaster during bad bowel movements, but the Depend protection with tabs (white plastic diaper with the leak guards) work great for her. She goes through 8-10 of these a day, sometimes more (we spend a LOT on diapers and garbage bags : ( ). She has 2-3 BMs each day, the first is often soon after waking, so she immediately disposes of her wet Depend and gets into a clean one as soon as she wakes up (- yes this costs us an extra diaper a day we can't really afford, but she says it's more comfortable to have her BM in a nice clean diaper and not a soggy one, and her comfort is worth the extra cost and garbage). She has the kind of BMs where out of nowhere she has to go NOW - and then she goes, but her Depends almost always hold in the mess. Since she doesn't need a toilet for changing, we converted our laundry room off the garage into her area where she can change in privacy and dispose of her used ones in a special big wheeled bin until garbage day. When she first had this issue, she was afraid to go anywhere outside the home including work, but thanks to her Depends she's back at work and we even took a vacation before our finances got bad. She is still nervous about people noticing she's wearing a diaper, but her clothing choices help her there. She wears mostly skirts and dresses with pantyhose or tights that help hide the noise and the bulk of the diaper on her 105 lb frame. I personally can't tell she's wearing protection - all I see is my very cute wife, happy and healthy again. She has her diaper changes down to a science - we were leaving for church this am and had made it as far as the garage when she had a second large BM just as we were getting in the car. She had that diaper changed including a different pair of pantyhose that matched her dress better in less than 10 minutes. I'm very apprreciative of the advice found on this forum and the Depend product - thanks to these she has her life back without drugs and other treatments she's afraid of purusing. Now that her other GI symptoms are better, she says dealing with Depends is not a big deal, and I agree.
by   IBSHusband  |   Jan 28 2013 12:05 PM   Likes (0)
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