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Wetness Indicators

This might be a little odd but I am wondering what people's thoughts are on having wetness indicators on their diapers are. I know that the fitted briefs are the only depend product which feature one, but that being said with the minimal absorbency of even the best depend product I do not see them as necessary. Essentially if you have bad enough incontinence to require the fitted brief you will wet enough in one wetting that you will probably need to change. To me the purpose of a wetness indicator is to tell a caregiver when a change is needed and the degree of wetness in the diaper. This is better suited to higher capacity products that will withstand more than one wetting. Personally I don't believe that the majority of fitted brief users need someone to make decisions about their diaper changes. \n\nBeyond these points, I personally find a diaper in plain white much more visually appealing. I know that no one else will see it but somehow the wetness indicator just seems demeaning to me.
by   dustyboy1234  |   Jun 21 2013 11:44 AM   Likes (0)
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