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Where to find cheap diapers and plastic pants.

Hi.My name is michael.I used to take heavy psychatric mediction and I had bed wetting problems since I was realy little.A wrong combination of medication for mental and mediacal problems has left me incontinent.Unforunatly I still live with my mom (I'm nineteen) adn she doesn't have the money to keep buy me the products I don't have a license,I am a full time college student,And theres no jobs I can get without a degree in my area is there any way i can get the supplys cheap or have my insuranc cover them.I have humana hmo premier insurance (I'm on my mothers).\nWill they cover my supplys what sould i do and Know that walgreens have semi good dispoasble at reasonable price (I got a bag of 40 for 15.00 with a five dollar off coupon) but Money is a series issue
by   Master Eldrick  |   Feb 14 2010 05:22 AM   Likes (0)
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