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XXXL sized disposable panty or undergarments

I am searching for an XXL-XXXL sized disposable undergarment for bladder leakage protection. The L/XL sizes in Depends barely fit with little flex room to move. I really wish that Depends came in larger sizes, or at least one larger size, if that is all that is possible at this time. I have a belly and always have, so I need the extra room in the waist. I don't have much luck with the traditional diapers of that size. They do provide excellent leakage protection (especially now that my problem is getting worse with age) but they are so difficult and time consuming to get on and then to stay up and on while moving even a little bit - even during sleep. I like the undergarments better for protection, fit, comfort and convenience, but THE SIZES OFFERED ARE TOO SMALL FOR ME, personally. I just thought I'd bring this up just in case there are any other fellow "Bladder Buddies" out there that have this same challenge in personal protection and can offer any tips, tricks, hacks or advice for solutions for any of these problems.
by   BleakMonique  |   Jun 30 2017 08:02 AM   Likes (3)
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