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Delaying Going to the Urologist? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

A yoga enthusiast and avid bicyclist, Marla was shocked when she started noticing she could no longer control her bladder. It was an unexpected symptom from a recent surgery and in spite of eighteen or more daily trips to the ladies’ room, she experienced regular episodes of urinary incontinence.


“It really affected my lifestyle,” she said. “One day, I took a short walk in the neighborhood with my daughter and by the time we got home, my pants were soaking wet.” Her gynecologist gave her a few different medications to try, though none of them seemed to help. Marla struggled for two years before deciding to seek treatment with a urologist.


“Since it wasn’t a health issue that needed immediate attention – like high blood pressure or a heart problem – I kept putting it off and trying to manage it myself. I’d scout out all the bathrooms wherever I went and tried different kind of products. I’d also been avoiding it because it felt like such a private thing to have to discuss with a bunch of people,” she told us. “Finally, my daughter pushed me to go to a specialist.”


Once Marla decided to make an appointment with a urologist, she immediately felt more hopeful. During her first visit, she was diagnosed with Overactive Bladder and a urinary tract infection. “I didn’t even know I had a UTI! Once I made it to that appointment, I felt like I was on a path to solve the problem. It alleviated some of the stress,” she explained.


“They suggested I avoid bladder-irritating food as a first step. As soon as I started following that recommendation, I noticed a huge difference.” Next up for Marla is pelvic floor physical therapy.


Are you avoiding going to a urologist? If so, here’s why you should make that appointment sooner, rather than later.


NOW is a good time. Why wait? Like Marla, you may be able to starting doing a few things right away that make a difference.


They’ve seen it all. While the topic of urinary incontinence still has some stigma attached to it, the medical team at a urology practice has seen people with all types of conditions. They specialize in treating leaks like yours, so you can allow yourself to feel comfortable talking to them about anything connected to your leaks. Anything at all. 


They’re the experts. Your general practitioner is always a good place to start with any health issue, but urologists are specialists, who see thousands of patients with bladder leaks every year. They keep up on the latest research and product developments, so they know about treatments that aren’t on your regular doctor’s radar.


It may be simpler than you think. Marla was able to start minimizing her leaks right away with a change in her diet and treatment for her UTI. What if there’s something you can do immediately that will help minimize your leaks?


In the meantime, find absorbent protection that works for you. If you struggle with the idea of wearing pads or absorbent undergarments for urinary incontinence, what are you waiting for? Instead of putting off protecting yourself from embarrassing leaks, check out our product selector or order a sample  to figure out what works best for you.


What about you? Have you been to a specialist yet? If so, what did they recommend and how did it help?



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