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Am I wrong to think this? Should I switch Urologist for these reasons?

Recently I've been noticing my incontinence seems to be acting up again and im definitely starting to notice a increase in bathrooms trips and loss of control of my bladder recently. From very little to no voidance time in notice the needing to use the restroom and with not even be able to really keep my pants dry even when im at home while running to the restroom so often, Im thinking about going back and seeing a urologist about my issue.\n\nBack on December 7th 2009 was when I first saw a urologist about some pain that I was having in my right testicle. So much it left me bed ridden so that I could barley walk or do anything one time while seeing my GF up at her school. However for while this was going on I had quite sometime been dealing with needing to go to the restroom frequently but just never did anything about it. It was around January that I had surgery for my testicular pain, while still holding information from my doctor about my frequent trips to the restroom though out the day. it wasn't until sometime later that I told him after I had gotten to the point in which i was noticing I wasn't able to make to the restroom in time and starting to have accidents though out the daytime. I felt mortified and wasn't sure if he was going to believe me about my situation. \n\nI had to schedule a appointment with him once again and he asked me how my testicles were and told me to pull down my pants. At that time I had aquiver in my voice as i began to tell him that I started having accidents during the daytime. Which he was kinda shocked but said that from everything that I was describing to him was OAB or Urge incontinence for me that I was experiencing. so there i stood in front of him in only my diaper and i untaped it and stood there while he checked everything out. I was then lead to a room to do a examination a ultrasound on my bladder. I was told to lay down on the table and lift my shirt. The nurse then started to do the ultra sound and could totally tell i was in a diaper. I felt mortified once again but at least i wasn't wet. everything check out and I was sent back to the room. My urologist came back and gave me two weeks of Vesicare to try out to see if it worked for me and wanted me to do a flow test and a kidney test in the next few weeks. I ended up having sever side effects from the Vesicare such as cramping, constipation, bloody stools, and urine retention. So I made the choice after three weeks with my doctor that medication wasn't the best solution for me.\n\nDuring my last visit to my urologist after having told him about what was going on and I felt that he had been ignoring things such as rectal sharp pain and being told that its normal and bloody stools which is normal too. I wasn't to happy with him. The sugary in which I had what he thought was testicular distortion turned out not to be but something else at least he thinks he solved my issue. However last night I was feeling pain for the second time since my surgery. So im not all that sure about if everything fixed. Most test came back normal from my kidney to the flow test. But just recently I felt lower back pain near the center of my spin as well. I don't think im being a cry baby about pain and all. \n\nBut with my incontinence starting to act up and everything I'm thinking about maybe seeing another urologist even though my doctor called my diaper a pampers I need not to stop seeing a urologist but find a different one. Pampers really thats pretty unprofessional i think for a urologist to say to his patient. Am I wrong on this to become offended should i seek a different urologist and seek help still. I want a female doctor do you think that would be a better choice for me?\n\n-Thanks Sean
by   Lonley Sparrow  |   Aug 17 2010 06:10 PM   Likes (0)
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