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Augmenting Wetting Protection for Guys Who Pee A Lot

I was just wondering if KC might consider a couple ideas:

1. Men's enhanced products (more enhanced than now) for guys, both in the pull on line, and also in the 3 tape Depends line that have more stuff in the front. My buddy I was taking care of, I used every Depends thing there was and I noticed he was wetting his jeans and whispered "YOU'RE KILLING ME, WE GOTTA CHANGE".

2. Plastic pants. It would be a lot easier if we could grab them at WallMart with the other stuff. I had to get them somewhere else for my buddy. But it was better than seeing him wet his jeans.

I know you guys are trying your best. But as a user, and a caregiver, a lot of us may have experiences that might be of help to you in product development.
by   BeenThereDoneThat  |   Sep 23 2016 01:16 PM   Likes (2)
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