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Bed Wetting Years After my Prostate Problems

When I was about 45, I found out that I had a Prostata problem. I just thought nit was normal to take a long time to evacuate and having to go often.\n\nWell after 4 Prostate Procedures and 2 doctors later, I was going normally and regularly and all was good at 55 years old.\n\nThen suddenly at about 60 I started to have minor bed wetting leaks, nothing major, just slightly damp underwear. Then one morning I woke up totally wet and embarrased. Didn't even want to tell my wife.\nChecked with Urologist ASAP and he was suprised it didn't happen sooner. Let's face it, having 3 TURP procedures is going to have to have an effect.\n\nDuring the day I'm fine, no leaks and no problems, but when I'm asleep, I have little control.\nI wear Depends Underwear at night and it has been a life saver a couple of times.\nMen, if you need them, wear them and don't be embarassed. It's Life....and we can live it or bury our heads in the sand. I'll Live It!!
by   Mickey52  |   Oct 31 2014 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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