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Bladder Q - Young Adult

Didn't know where to put this on the web so figured this wouldn't be a bad spot. I'm a young guy (24) and for the last six months I've been having issues with bladder leakage after using the bathroom. It started as just a few drops but has increased over time and is leaving spots on my pants which is embarrassing. Usually, it's about a dime to a half dollar worth of fluid. However, there have been a couple of rare incidents where it's a lot more than that which was awful to hide from people. Anyway, the internet seems to say this type of issue isn't that abnormal but I feel young to have this problem and it can be awkward in public. Any tips for managing it or suggestions as to what could be going on and if I should see a doctor would be appreciated.
by   MBrewers88  |   Feb 12 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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