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Buddy Making You Tear Your Hair Out

Hi. My best friend and neighbor has MS, and it affects his urinary system. I've got a few problems too, but not like what he goes through. We fortunately can be frank and open with each other over what a lot of guys would find embarrassing, maybe cause I have a problem myself.

Any case those grey Depends men's things aren't working out for him real well any more.
His parents got him this package of pull on somethings about the size of a bail of peat moss the other day, and he asked me to try some while he did. Next day I said buddy, these really suck, I mean amazingly suck. He agreed.

He is real resistant to the notion of anything with tabs on it, but I am afraid he's gonna have to get used to the idea. There is a limit to what any pull on thing can hold, or prevent leaks to. I got him a pair of plastic pants, but he doesn't like them either.

I finally told him this is it, he's making me crazy, and we're going to an incontinence supply store next week, and the lady that runs it can bully him into what he needs.
by   BeenThereDoneThat  |   May 03 2015 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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