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Divorce and incon issues

I am 30 and have OAB and urge incon. I get by with the guards for day and briefs for night. I didnt have these issues when i met my wife, and as they happend she was ok with my having to wear protection. I have been married for 2 years and have a daughter. The divorce will probably be final by end of the year. My incon issues wern't to blame we had other probs before that, she has lost any feelings she had for me. Anyways I am worried about starting over and trying to find someone who accepts me and my incon. My wife is telling me that I need to hurry and find someone after we divorce so I can move on, but I am kinda feeling that I am better off alone. Has anbody had to cross this bridge before? If I do start to date how do I approach my incon probs and when? Looking for some guidance and input please. I am trying not to get stressed and just enjoy what time I have with my daughter. Appreciate any thoughts on this.
by   Mike4977  |   Jun 30 2010 05:52 AM   Likes (0)
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