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First Experience hospital stay as incontinent

Hello, I just got out of the hospital being in there for a whole week, ended up having 2 emergency surgeries, had a gull stone that got lodged into my livers bile duct also created a uti my urine was also a dark brown color, ontop of that my gallbladder was inflamed and had to be removed. The surgery to remove the stone they used a scope and with that it caused an inflammed pancreas so i had trouble breathing.This was my first ever hospital stay since i was in had a bike accident as a kid and i became incontinent about 5 years ago. Anyways my biggest gripe about my first experience being in the hospital wearing diapers was at night when i had the pain the worst, several times I felt to weak to move/roll over because of the pain so I asked the midnight nurse for a change. she kept refusing to help, even the first few nights of my stay when I got the first surgery, the day i had hard time breathing after getting inflammed pancreas. Those nights she would just put my diaper on my bed (i brought my own) and leave so for a few nights I had to sit in my soiled diaper til the morning nurse came in, near the end of the stay I was able to change myself and I know the hospital encourages you to do it yourself if you can but that midnight nurse was so dang rude about it, the nurses on day shift didnt give me a hard time at all about it, just that night time shift nurse..
by   Newguy88  |   Mar 25 2013 10:28 AM   Likes (0)
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