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From bad to worse

Hey all. I will start by saying i am relativity young (25). I've always had a bit of a weak bladder (couple accidents as a kid and 2 or 3 in highschool (2 were on the way home thankfully not IN class) anyways fastforward a few years to when i was 18. I began having a harder and harder time controlling my bladder. I really didn't have too many accidents.. at first. I began waking up several times at night to pee, and a little dribbling (sometimes once, sometimes 3 times, no more than 3 as far as i recall) around the same time energy drinks became popular. Things went down hill VERY quickly once I discovered them. After having a few close calls at work, and earning the nick name "incontinent cory" at work for all my pee breaks i took, i started to ween myself from energy drinks. This seemed to help the problem for a while, until I was 23. It started out as a little leakage after voiding (small pees, about 8-14 times a day some days) mostly spots here and there, but then I started leaking while performing strenuous activities, sometime coughing or sneezing (usually ends up being a complete void cause i cant seem to stop it when it starts, but not always). I can manage most days with a guard or a pair of pull-ups. (unless out away from washrooms for extended periods, IE roadtrips) Night time however has become a disaster... I will wake up, get out of bed to rush to the washroom, and most nights i dont make it : ( So i have tried all kinds of diapers pullups guards etc. I have not really shared this with too many people (inc doctors) however I am thinking it is time, as it seems to be getting worse. ive tried kegal exercises ( i think im doing them right. i can cut flow down to a trickle, but not completely off if trying to stop voiding) for a few years with little to no improvement. I have been using tena products, however have managed to find depends overnight protection once in a asian pharmacy (had all kinds of ancient relics to be bought! was actually a pretty cool little store) and they were on par, if not better than the tena supers i use today for my night time protection. \nI stay away from depends now after bad experiences with shoddy products, leaks tears tapes separating etc leading to some wet sheets, and seats, and being publicly humiliated after a 3 hr road trip went south (complete failure of tapes on one side... even had briefs missing tapes lol) \nANYWAYS back on topic. I am really chickensh** about seeing doctors dentists etc, as i normally leave them in more pain than i was in before (if in any at all) I have done extensive research online, and come to the conclusion i have stress incon/OAB. (no pain blood wierd feelings etc) and am relativity healthy (bmi a little over 18, "normal bachelor diet" exercise when I can) I was wondering how invasive the tests for OAB are (if anyone knows here)\nI've read they do a cystoscopy (which is rather invasive) and a retention test to see how empty your bladder is after voiding ( also invasive) I am almost positive that i am suffering from OAB, however at the same time i am not a doctor. I dont want to have ANYTHING shoved up my urethra if i dont have to... \n\nso thats my story, now my question is, again, how bad are these tests?
by   CpZirk  |   Mar 12 2013 08:51 PM   Likes (0)
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