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Girlfriend claims she's supportive, but throws it in my face

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to my question already. My girlfriend of just over a year claims that she's supportive of my incontinence issues, but brings it up in an extremely negative and demeaning way when we argue. It really gets my blood boiling when she calls me names, especially regarding my incontinence. I've drawn a line in the sand and she has crossed it. I feel like I should dump her and stop wasting my time, no one deserves to be talked to in that manner; I've even asked her if she'd make fun of someone that's stuck in a wheel chair the same way she talks to me. She replies with "no, of course not". What does the rest of the world think???
by   Depend Team  |   Aug 18 2015 12:25 PM   Likes (2)
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