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handling: streaking (anal)

Hi guys. I see streaking in my white underwear, so I started to use the disposable Depend Fit-Flex. I'm 58, waist 48, weight 275. My problem goes from simple streaks, to blood from wiping too hard which then mixes with fecal remnants & moisture down there. SO, I've "turned around" the Depend product, to wear with the blue "rear" indicator...in front. This gives me the height of the urinary padding in the rear (I've no urinary issue) – and all the capture I need. I also like it for the reduction of any associated odors. Gives me great confidence thru the day. And when traveling cross-country by plane, or in a multi-hour car ride, it’s very helpful. But, wearing Depend Fit-Flex backward is not that comfortable – doesn't grip thighs (as when wearing it the regular way), or stay up well -- too often, I have to “pull it all up.” If worn regular (for that better fit), the rear-streaking capture is insufficient: waste material gets above the pad and on the non-absorption part of the product. Any alternatives for anal-incontinence capture, with comfort? Or other ideas or approaches? How about a specialty Depend product, slightly “reverse”-engineered, for this particular application, and a more comfortable fit?
by   jc37  |   May 16 2016 05:39 PM   Likes (0)
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