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Hernia surgery experience. Diapers did have a use

This post is a followup to the "Catheter Question" post.\n\nMy double hernia surgery went well and I am recovering nicely. I did not have a catheter so my previous fears were unfounded. However, I did experience bladder issues and for this diapers were a godsend. I was never incontinent per se but my bladder was numb for about 26 hours after surgery. For the 1st 9 hours or so I couldn't pee at all. After that I was peeing every 5 min. It was impossible for me to empty my bladder fully and I couldn't always stop a new stream from starting. Without diapers I would have never rested, being standing in front of the toilet every 5 min. \n\nEven the 2nd day I kept a diaper on. I used the toilet almost always, but there were times I was just too sore to want to get up from the couch. I tried pooping once and sat on the can for a good 15+ min. When I got up the burning pain at the navel incision site was excruciating. Definitely an 8-9 on the pain scale. I wanted to lie down and not move for while. Glad a diaper was on me.\n\nMy wife takes the vow "in sickness and in health" seriously. That 1st day she changed a lot of diapers, a few were an hour apart from each other. The pain can sometimes make you not want to move. She was so understanding and I love her dearly.\n\nWill mention that my teenage daughter knew of the diapers and saw them on occasion. She was somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of them, probably because it made her father look weak to her. \n\nG
by   stampGuy  |   Jul 21 2013 06:00 PM   Likes (0)
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