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How to deal with having a first time sexual encounter while wearing Depends products.

Hey guys (and girls)\nI just started wearing the real fit underwear. So far, they've been a perfect solution for my type of incontinence. \nBut what I want to know is this: let's say I meet a girl at a bar, or anywhere. And she invites me back to her place for coffee, or wine, or whatever. Lets say we start making out. I'm terrified, in that situation, that she's going to reach into my pants, over maybe even over my pants, and feel that tell-tale extra padding.\nHas anyone been in this situation? And what should I do? Should I carry an extra pair of regular underwear with me when I go out?\nAny thoughts? And the idea that "if she really likes you, it won't matter..." is not applicable here, because what if I know it's only a one night stand? I'm sorry. I don't mean to seem like a dick, but lets face it; that happens in this world. And, fortunately, it still sometimes happens to me.
by   Embarrassed Guy  |   Jan 09 2013 06:41 AM   Likes (0)
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